July 5, 2017
July 2, 2017
Events Berlin


On September 26, WeWork awarded German creators more than $1 million to take their innovative projects and business ventures to the next level—from developing and launching to scaling around the world.

What went down

We hosted our first-ever Berlin Creator Awards in an engine factory-turned-event space—a fitting venue to honor forward motion. The evening got off to an energetic start, with guests visiting the Creator Market, job fair, food stands, and listening booths, mingling with one another and learning more about our finalists.


Before the ceremony, the crowd flocked to master classes led by business trailblazers. The first, entitled “Modern Storytelling For Creators” featured a panel of women leaders discussing new mediums for contributing to the narratives of modern culture, whether in art, fashion, tech, or design. Afterwards, the founders of BRLO craft beer and Father Carpenter coffee swapped stories of their adventures in brewing—and discussed how they’ve managed to scale their businesses without sacrificing values along the way.

After a few performances, a live art installation by Tape Over Berlin, and tasty treats coupled with cocktails, the crowd settled in for the main event: the official awards ceremony. With more than a dozen finalists awarded across three categories, live pitches, and several inspiring moments of victory, the presentation was one for the books. Post-ceremony, guests kept the celebration going as Giorgio Moroder brought the beats.

Berlin Winners

Mobile hospitals. Bike theft prevention. Community-building skateboarding programs for kids in unstable countries. These are a few of the projects our Creator Awards winners are working on. Check out the full list below.

Incubate Awards $18K-$36K

Launch Awards $72K-$180K

Scale Awards $180K-$360K

  • Marcus Tonndorf
  • Jürgen Griesbeck and Thomas Preiss
  • Hannah Bailey, Lauren Della Marta, and Oliver Percovich

What Winners are saying

“Everyone said it wasn’t possible to put a mobile hospital two kilometers from the front lines in Mosul. We showed them it is possible … and we helped 300 people who would be dead now if we hadn’t been there.”

— Sebastian Jünemann Co-Founder of CADUS

“We’re contacted almost every week by copycat programs from around the world looking for support. We see enormous potential in open-sourcing all that we’ve learned in 10 years. This will give us the ability to have an impact on 100 countries and get closer to our goal of creating hundreds of thousands of leaders to change the world.”

— Oliver Percovich Founder of Skateistan